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Former Amazon Employee Set for Hunger Strike At Seattle Headquarters

This is from the Guardian:

“A former Amazon employee embroiled in a legal battle with the online retailer is set to go on hunger strike in an attempt to force the company to change business practices which he calls “deceptive and fraudulent”.

What did Amazon do? The article doesn’t say.

“Amazon has called for the claims to be dismissed, stating in court documents that Varghese was an “underperforming employee who had a difference of opinion with his employer”.

What did the former Amazon employee do? The article doesn’t say.

“I think if Amazon customers took a few minutes to look at this and see how Amazon treats employees they’d be shocked,” he said. “My goal with stepping it up with a hunger protest is really to drive more awareness of their practices and really what happens when people buy from Amazon. Every dollar that is spent at Amazon is going to fund this bad behaviour.”

So what is Amazon doing? The former Amazon employee doesn’t say.

Fuck all details have made a story front page of the Guardian.

There was this:

“Amazon has just announced a “long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage” for its global infrastructure footprint”.

Though I’m not sure how that’s relevant to the story about supposed mistreatment of employees.

Disclaimer – I don’t shop at Amazon, I have an account, but don’t shop with them.

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November 22, 2014 at 15:01

One Star Reviews Flood for ‘Monument Valley’.

One Star Reviews Flood ‘Monument Valley’ Following Paid Expansion Release 

Monument Valley is such a brilliant game ($4US) and I’ll gladly pay for the expansion ($2US). What I don’t understand is how people can have a disconnect from the price of an app and what it takes to make that app.

Only last night, I had a friend sorta grumbling about the price of iMovie for iOS. WHY? iMovie has amazing value, it doesn’t matter if you’re one of those who need to buy it*.

People who better understand the economics of app development will compare an app purchase to a cup of coffee for a reason, a cup of coffee costs more and has a one time use, but people gladly walk into coffee bars everyday for repeat cups. But that attitude doesn’t translate for apps.

Who are these people who buy cups of coffee, but complain about the price of iOS apps?

On the opposite end of the scale. Who are these people who want to be first sporting the latest iPhones, but complain about the price of iOS apps? Who are these people buying Beats headphones, but complain about the price of iOS apps?

There isn’t a direct relationship, but there is definitely an overlap between using these products, but there isn’t a generally fair one towards the shopping attitudes with these products. Ridiculous.

I just don’t get it, because at the same time we generally feel, freemium games aren’t worth it either. We can’t have it both ways, but $2 expansion for a $4 game? I remember lusting after a $70 Star Wars game for my NES back in the early 1990s for Come on people.

*There is also the perception problem that if iMovie has a low price or is free, then the bar is lowered further for indie devs who don’t have as many resources as big software houses. Those things that consumers obviously don’t give a shit about. For Apple, iMovie is a sugary coating on top of their other products and services whereas for a game or competitor to IMovie, it could be that company’s sole bread and butter product.

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November 13, 2014 at 05:39

A Five Hour Back to the Future

This is the entire Back to the Future trilogy presented to you in one edited chronologically movie. The power of love for these three films have made me combine them all into one gigantic five hour spectacular. Hope you enjoy what could have been.

The hardest parts to edit were the “Enchantment Under the Sea dance” scenes. Both the first and second movie have some moments that are out of order. It isn’t realised watching each movie individually.

Scenes in particular are when George McFly is dancing alone before confronting Biff and when Lorraine kisses Marty. In this edit, these scenes and many others are integrated with the first movie taking precedence. The actor who stood in for the character of George McFly isn’t actually very good once you edit his parts. It’s best to keep the original scenes.

Otherwise the movie was very uncomplicated to edit. Enjoy!

Update: Pulled without a single view, that was quick. How is that when there are hundreds of other copyrighted content still on Youtube?

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November 1, 2014 at 23:45

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Honest Intentions.

Guy Fawkes is sometimes toasted as "the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions". - Sharpe, J. A. (2005), Remember, Remember: A Cultural History of Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes is sometimes toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”. – Sharpe, J. A. (2005), Remember, Remember: A Cultural History of Guy Fawkes Day

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November 1, 2014 at 14:24

Xi Jinping and Pro-Democracy

Xi Jinping’s image has been hilariously appropriated by Occupy Hong Kong protesters much to the confusion of Chinese mainlanders who are visiting Hong Kong and see their communist leader seemingly supporting the pro democracy protests.


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October 31, 2014 at 03:24

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That Video.

A video is posted to illustrate what its like to be a woman walking on the streets and it seems the response is to suggest raping the woman in the video because she made it to illustrate how she is intimidated everyday?

The circular logic is frightening because so many people still don’t get it. Why can’t men see that in the aggregate, it’s really intimidating and annoying to be a woman who is being cat called or touched multiple times a day, every day when she is out and about trying to enjoy her life?

This is a great quote from Alex Alvarez:

To anchor this more concretely, consider the behaviour of the men in the video. Take a look at how they seek the woman out to wish her a good morning, despite her not having made eye contact or shown any interest in talking to them. Take a look at how they’re not wishing a good morning to any other person, particularly male people, also walking around. The woman is walking directly behind the man filming her (the camera is hidden in his backpack), and not one of the men shown in the video are seen to be greeting him and wishing him a good day. Just her.

Why is this?

It’s because they don’t care, really whether she has a good day or not. What they care about is letting her know that they have noticed her — her hair, her face, her body, her outfit. They want her to notice that they’ve noticed, and they want her to notice them, however fleetingly.

I don’t get how other men (on youtube especially) ignore this and the reasons for greeting the woman in the many ways they do. These types of men in the video, only see something they desire, something they want to fuck. The problem for them is that the woman doesn’t in any way appreciate this nor confuse their advances for anything else as it’s really obvious what’s happening here.

When I say men, I mean American men, because I’d be surprised if this happens on the same scale anywhere else in the world. As a male I’ve never seen any situation close to what I’ve seen in that video. It shocks me even as a male. The only times I’ve recognised it happening (in the UK) is when people are out drinking on a weekend.

I always ask my female friends how their trip to the US was after coming back. It’s beyond gross and it needs illustrating so we educate others as to what is proper.

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October 31, 2014 at 03:09

Debate and Civility – Occupy Hong Kong

Something that doesn’t make headlines due to the lack of drama and level of civility are the many crowds that form in order to just discuss what is happening in relation to the protests.

Talks ranged from the communist’s approach to the movement, who is really in charge in Beijing, how well informed many mainland Chinese actually are about the protests in Hong Kong, the beginning of the occupy protests with first hand accounts of the firing of teargas and media’s misrepresentation of the events thus far.debate

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October 30, 2014 at 14:20


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