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We’re losing the on War on Terror

When stuff like this happens, the terrorists are winning.

Granted the Police has to investigate all threats, but seriously the reaction to his twitter post is too heavy handed.

Unfortunately for Mr Chambers, the police didn’t see the funny side. A week after posting the message on the social networking site, he was arrested under the Terrorism Act and questioned for almost seven hours by detectives who interpreted his post as a security threat. After he was released on bail, he was suspended from work pending an internal investigation, and has, he says, been banned from the Doncaster airport for life. “I would never have thought, in a thousand years, that any of this would have happened because of a Twitter post,” said Mr Chambers, 26. “I’m the most mild-mannered guy you could imagine.” – The Independent/Mark Hughes and Jason Walsh

This was an interesting comment beneath the article:

Although it is easy to say now, Mr. Chambers should have immediately asked for a solicitor to be present during his questioning. There is also the question of whether the police had a warrant for his arrest (who authorised the warrant?) and acted correctly. Additionally, there is the question of the confiscation of his property and him being ‘banned’ from an airport. All of this has been done by the police without any presentation of their evidence before a court and without any scrutiny of their conduct. Additionally, Mr. Chambers has been suspended from work? On what grounds and by whom? There is also the certainty that, from now, he will be unable to travel to the United States and will be permanently on a watch list for any other other travel outside the UK. This has been a very serious aussault on Mr. Chambers’ personal liberty and it should not go uncommented. The reaction of Tessa Mayes was much too low key, she sounds like a student. If Mr. Chambers does not now have legal counsel, he should not delay getting it. He cannot rely on the idea ‘I do not need a lawyer, I’ve done nothing wrong’. This is a very serious matter which affects the whole population.

Granted the guy who twittered should have thought more about his ‘joke’, but more seriously the Police should be thinking as well for setting such precedents.

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Written by jonathanjk

January 18, 2010 at 10:32


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