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Viva la Wikileaks!

What’s happening to Wikileaks is disgusting.  Rather than go on a massive rant.  Here are a few choice quotes from what I’ve read on the subject that I agree with.

  • The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen. – Tommy Smothers
  • If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to worry about.
  • “Wikileaks allows more or less unfiltered access to the source material. Ask yourself: do you really want someone else selecting what’s fit for you to read?” - lexidation
  • It doesn’t matter what your personal view is on the wisdom of exposing the day-to-day minutiae of realpolitik. Free speech — and your right as citizens to live under an open government — are under attack. - lexidation
  • Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself.  It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.  ~ Potter Stewart
  • The test of democracy is freedom of criticism.  ~ David Ben-Gurion
  • It’s funny that the government – by abridging one of our most fundamental freedoms – is claiming to protect our freedom.

To those who say Wikileaks has put peoples lives in danger.  It hasn’t been proven that Wikileaks has, even the US government themselves have admitted as such.  To those pointing fingers, they should remember two things.  First the US government has put lives in danger with a certain illegal war to begin with (ignoring for the moment everything else they’ve done, rendition anyone?). Second, nobody should be shooting the messenger, in this case, Wikileaks.  Anger should be laid squarely at those people who are unfit to serve in government (not just the US government).

But since the US government has been caught with its pants down; trying to persuade everyone to look away while pulling them back up.  What they should do instead is man up and accept the responsibility of its actions.

EDIT: Added a link to the petition to stop the crackdown on wikileaks here.

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Written by jonathanjk

December 4, 2010 at 19:16

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    April 20, 2011 at 10:57

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