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Fuji X100 – Mini roundup and thoughts

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Just one review and a DxOMark score (discussion of score) this week, this link describes the significance of the DxOMark results (the camera basically outperforms 4/3rd cameras).

Photoreview in Australia have also posted their review. Giving the Fuji X100 high marks all round. It looks like another un of the mill review but there are a few interesting tidbits inside it. Aside from covering the usual attributes, they have posted some nice graphs with comparisons to similar cameras, CA, resolution and ISO. Below their summary they also post a suite of images shot under; different lighting, long exposures, flash exposures and close ups, both macro and normal.

The review though indepth, is nicely laid out on one web page, which is nice to see.

It’s been a slow week for Fuji X100 news, the hoopla has started to die down now, those with their cameras are happily shooting away, the rest of us are either waiting for their own X100 to arrive, waiting for Dpreview to put it through its paces or waiting for some word from Fuji about a firmware update. I’m waiting for all three.

In the mean time, a few fellow photographers have posted some well written reviews on their respective blogs. We have:

Meeting a Stranger: The Fuji X100: A Street Photographer’s Review by John Goldsmith

A Different Beast – How the X100 kicked my butt by Patrick La Roque

Both are really good personal reviews, there are no charts or tests of the formal kind, simply the voices from two experienced photographers who have taken the camera out and tried to actually use it to craft images from it. What is important to take from both reviews, is how the photographers adapt to handling the camera. You need to let go for the moment, everything you’ve learned from your DSLR, it is ‘a different beast,’ and just from reading a few forums populated with FujiX100 discussions, there is the view that people can just pick this camera up and run with it (whether this is made harder than it needs to be because of a counter initiative UI is debatable).

“What I didn’t realize was just how much I’ve become used to my DSLR, how much it’s an extension of my hand and my eyes. On my D300 my fingers just know where to go, usually glued to the front and back knobs, constantly controlling shutter speed and aperture, my left eye looking at focus and metering in the viewfinder, my right eye scoping the rest of the scene. I work manually 99% of the time and I’m pretty darn fast at it. I don’t miss a lot of shots — technically at least. I look at the meter and know how it’s reading the scene. And I know how to get the results I’m after.

But this.”Patrick La Roque

On a similar note, I’ve noticed other photographers are questioning the value of a camera that lacks an optical zoom. If you do need an optical zoom this simply isn’t the camera for you I’m afraid. I’m sure Fuji knows its market, so all the comparisons to cameras such as the Panasonic GF series are mostly moot.

It is interesting when the 4/3rds cameras started to arrive on shelves and reviewers desks, there were comparisons made to DSLR’s and how more value for money was to be found in buying a Canon or Nikon because these 4/3rds cameras weren’t as full featured. Now those 4/3rds cameras have established themselves, they are the benchmark to be used against the Fuji X100!

But just like the 4/3rds cameras, there was enough there to differentiate themselves from most comparisons made against them. People are buying them and it’s been shown the market is moving toward cameras that are lighter, cheaper and quieter. Who would have thought aesthetics were more important than megapixels?

So much in the same way, the X100 is going to forge ahead and do its own thing as well, if competitors react to it then so be it, if they don’t, then they don’t. It’s works for Leica.

There is enough in the Fuji X100 to differentiate itself as well, apart from excellent image quality (which any company can get right if they calm down with the megapixels), it does have a real optical viewfinder. So we can wait and see, but for most people, all the discussions can end there.


Speaking of choices to be made, another image from the Street Life Flickr Group.

Gym or pie?

Gym or Pie? by Tony...

Tony’s Flickr Stream can be found here.

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April 14, 2011 at 11:39

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