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Fuji X100 ~ Weekly Round Up 2

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Yesterday I placed my order for the Fuji X100. I’ve also ordered what some reckon should be included with the camera; the lens hood. Yes, if you didn’t already know, the lens hood or ring adapter isn’t included. Anyway, I have a 2-3 week wait on my hands. I ordered through Calumetphoto. Delivery is only £7 and Calumet are an official Fuji dealer but sell it for £899 like Amazon UK.

Anyway, with the amount of photography I’m waiting to do with this thing, I can’t wait. :-)

Until then, I’ve been doing some light reading and research with a collection of reviews, discussions and equipment alternatives to share with you all.

To begin then, Patrick La Roque has downloaded the DNG converter by Adobe to allow him to work on his raw files with Aperture. He was  ‘itching’ to use Aperture with his X100 so he took the extra steps required to do this. His blog post describing the process can be found here. I don’t blame him, I’ve tried to get into LightRoom so many times, once each version. I get can’t my head around it. Let’s see what version 4 brings.

- A personal review over at ‘The Pictorial’ – Fuji X100 Review.

Important points to consider, this is Kevin’s first camera review. Interesting he took the time to write about it. Kevin focuses on his background; other cameras he considered. Then goes on to talk about the menu (user interface) UI.

- 135Street review – Fuji X100 Review.

A personal review with slightly broken English, so forgive the mistakes. It’s another walkthrough with plenty of pictures taken on the street. A few comparisons are made against the M9, especially with regard to noise.

- TrustedReviews – Fuji X100 Review.

I don’t remember linking to this review before, but anyway, less personal and more technical in style. They give it a 9/10.

- Myx100year – Fuji X100 Review.

Interesting site because if you take yourself to the homepage of the site, there are comparisons made to the 5D, LightRoom vs Silkypix and a few panoramic stitches.

- SteveHuffPhoto – Fuji X100 Review.

Steve Huff has taken his new Fuji X100 for a review. In-depth and enjoyable. Previous entries on his blog detail his first few days with the camera before he took the time to write his official review. Lots of pictures and a few comparisons made against his Leica gear. (X100Rumors discussion of the review).

- Digital Camera Resource Page – Fuji X100 Review.

Provides another good breakdown of the camera, plenty of images to pleasure your eyes with.

- Golf to Impress – Fuji X100 Review.

A good personal review with a good emphasis on the focusing, sharpness, Fn button, ND filter and the OVF/EVF modes. Great selection of example pictures of how sharp the lens is.


Aside from reviews, I came across some interesting discussions/links, especially the one with the novice question:

Discussion – (Flickr) X100 your only camera?

Discussion – (Dpreview) X100 vs D300s with 24mm 1.4 lens.

Discussion – (Dpreview) From a Novice To X10 or Not To X100.

Discussion – (FaceBook) Fuji X100 Fan Page. via Brandon Remler (Fuji USA)

Gear/Discussion – (X100Forum) – A more practical lens shade. (An in-depth discussion about alternatives to the Fuji shade).

Gear/Discussion – (X100Forum) – Alternative camera straps.

Feature – (PetaPixel) What 5fps looks like with the Fuji X100.


This image was taken from the Fuji X100 Portrait Flickr Group.

J. in Chinatown

J. in Chinatown

Image by By f.lhotelin/les vues éclectiques (link to photostream).

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