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Fuji X100 ~ Round Part Six

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Neil van Niekerk reviews the Fuji X100 as a second shooter to a wedding. As an aside, Neil shares some tips about being a second shooter on a wedding.

PopPhoto Reviews the Fuji X100.

DigitalCamerReview reviews the Fuji X100.

YouTube – Video Review (Espanol)

The review other is, a Japanese website. It is solely a discussion of the X100 against the X1 with sample shots. The X100 images do looks better in my opinion.

X100 Tests

Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 – Studio Performance  Review Part Two (Part One here).

YouTube – Fuji X100 vs Panasonic Lumix GH2

Want to get a feel for the viewfinder?



Steve Huff – Pimping out the Fuji X100.

Lens Hood Hat for Lens Hood.

49mm centre pinch lens cap. (Discussion)

Soft Releases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Camera Straps 1, 2,

Assorted Leica accessories, some are compatible with the Fuji X100.


All of these links join the rest on the Fuji Resource Page here.


This photo is from the Fuji X100 – Street Photography Flickr Group.

Paris - Bistro by Patrick La Roque

Paris - Bistro by Patrick La Roque

Patrick La Roque’s Flickr Stream can be found here.

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