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iPhoto for the 1st Generation iPad?

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Title says it all. Do you want it? I have it for my iPhone4S and it was a bummer I couldn’t use it on my iPad until today.

This method isn’t a true hack or even a jailbreak. It uses the new Apple iPhone Configuration tool. I just got it working on my 1st Generation iPad.

Follow this link to the Verge who have video showing what the performance is like.

Follow this link to AppAdvice with the install instructions (when installing the iPhone App tool might look like it’s hung because of the spinning beach ball, but it’s actually fine).

Being able to edit my iPhone 4S pictures uploaded to Photo Stream on my iPad is so much better (because of the screen space) than it is on the iPhone (though performance is better on the iPhone naturally).

It reminds me of Steve Jobs mentioned at the iPad 2 launch regarding the original iPad, “It’s no slouch”.


I can’t really fault Apple for not letting iPhoto run on the original iPad. It does make sense to restrict iPhoto only to devices with cameras. Besides the geeks, who else is going to go through the effort of getting iPhoto to run on something it’s not meant for? My first thought was to take advantage of the larger screen for photo editing; taking full advantage of Photo Stream to transport images back and forth between devices.

Imagine if iPhoto could run naturally on the original iPad. You only have to look at the average pile of comments accompanying Apps on the App Store by those who complain with a 1 Star rating about the slightest thing they don’t like with an App. I think Apple saved themselves some hassle justifying it’s existence. Geeks on the other hand are going to understand installing another piece of software, (iPhone App Configurator) the limitations of running it on an older device and just accept them, like I have done.

I’m not trying to apologise for Apple, I just don’t think they want the confusion, nor do I really think a $5 App is going to force people to upgrade their iPads from the one they have now.

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Written by jonathanjk

March 10, 2012 at 17:03

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