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JPG Podcast – The One Where Adam Gives Me Gold

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Our second episode, but Adam’s first, I break him into the format we’re setting up, I give Adam the floor and along the way we open up by discussing Kony2012 and some of its criticism, the new iPad, our first iPods and Apple Macintoshes, why pulling away from Windows wasn’t pain free for me touching on the gaming scene at the turn of the century.

We look back on PC classics such as Balder’s Gate, Half Life, Total Annihilation, Diablo, Starcraft and development delays with Starcraft 3. We also revisit Mario through Mario Portal. Having conquered gaming we discuss the Japanese version of the new Avengers trailer, then going seriously off topic with our movies into discussing who could play Steve Jobs in the movie about him.

Rounding off with mentioning, TV shows I don’t watch and I assumed Adam had used Pixelmator sufficiently enough to tell me how he feels about it.

In brief, a crazy, throughly geeky episode.

iTunes or direct links

Show Notes:

Kony2012, Jason Russell hospitalised.

The iPod

Classic Games – Baldur’s Gate (Digital download [Press release announcing Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition]), Half Life, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Diablo, Mario Portal (free download) and Sonic the Hedgehog including Sonic CD – iOS App

The Japanese Avengers movie trailer

The Pirates of Silicon Valley

- History of the animated Gif

- Ultimate Taser Ball (originally from Kottke)

- Super Mario as Surrealist Art

- Tron Dance Party (Not mentioned as I forgot, but I wanted to share)


- Pixelmator tutorials

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