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A Very Phallic Enterprise

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Continuing on in theme from my last post, is this story by Jeff Bezos. The jist is, he’s found the rocket boosters that helped launch Apollo 11 into space and eventually onto the moon. The Guardian has a writeup on it as well.

Bezos in his article wants to spend a lot of (I’m assuming his) money to bring them back up from the ocean floor and have them cleaned up and resting in the Smithsonian museum to inspire visitors. It certainly comes across as a labour of love but is it really awe-inspiring though? Maybe for those visiting the Smithsonian it is. Bezo in his blog post gives a passionate description of the original 1969 launch day and shares the technical capabilities of the rockets in question. It’s obvious Apollo inspired him and everybody of his generation (especially Neil DeGrasse Tyson from my previous post), but 40 years later, for today’s generation? Not so much I think.

I think it’s interesting Bezos is going to do this, but beyond that, nothing more. Am I being cynical? I can only say for me personally, investing emotional energy like this is wasting time.

Instead wouldn’t it be better to spend the private money available to him to go inspire us all to go forward rather than backwards? When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he donated all the old Macs to Stanford, his belief was he didn’t want his staff looking at past glories, he wanted them to invest their emotional energy into newer, future glories, like the one in the previous blog post.

I think the same thoughts Jobs had equally applies here in this situation. So leave them in the ocean, leave the nostalgia and the emotional investment behind, take NASA and the space program forward and don’t look back.

Or to put it succinctly, I could go out on an awesome date tonight if I wasn’t searching the rubbish dumps for the condom I used when I first lost my virginity.

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Written by jonathanjk

March 30, 2012 at 08:42

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