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Another Reason Not to Sync: Instacast

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Just bought the Pro version of Instacast; a podcast manager for iOS.

It’s an excellent tool for finding and managing all the podcasts I currently listen too, a clear step up from the way iTunes manages podcast content. For me it was important it could import podcasts from the iPod app and allow me to listen to my podcasts continuously one after each another (this is the best obvious feature and the most annoying thing with iTunes and the iPod app).


For everyone else who might be interested, other tent-pole features are commenting, notifications and background downloading.

You don’t need to buy the Pro version unless you want smart playlists, but for the price of a chocolate bar/Starbucks coffee (standard is 69p/Pro version is an extra £1.49) there’s no reason to not go Pro and support an independent (and responsive) developer. Though I will say the basic functionality is probably enough for most of us, but it’s a karma thing for buying Pro for such a great app.

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Written by jonathanjk

May 9, 2012 at 12:52

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