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Tag Magazine

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A few months back I submitted some images for a new magazine publication that was coming out.  Tag Magazine is the name and user generated content was their aim.  The best of the submissions are voted for and then published.

Tag’s 1st issue is now online and its also available soon on Newsstands in New York and Los Angeles.  A digital version can be found here online.

Why do I mention it?  I made the first issue, page 76!  But there are some great images in the magazine, especially the series from Africa by David Hampton. My own work can be found here.

Written by jonathanjk

January 14, 2010 at 21:58

Vision Conference – Eugene Richards

I could only keep half of my promise, I celebrated Thanksgiving and didn’t get to Vision on time to see Martin Parr.  I only have Eugene Richards talk recorded for those who are interested.  Richards basically recapped his entire career and motivation for being a photographer, totally engaging and if you boost the audio it’s worth listening too.

Sorry for the quality of the images, they were taken on an iPhone and are here just to give you an idea of the environment.

Vision itself was really busy and I know the organisers underestimated demand, there were too many attendees compared to last year.  Neither Simon Norfolk or Simon Roberts managed to fill their respective seminar rooms.  But last year there were 4 major talks from photographers.  This year there were only two which can help to explain the overcrowding.

Written by jonathanjk

November 29, 2009 at 10:59

Photographers Rights Update

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I’ve updated the Photographers Rights page with some new links and interesting PDF’s and links to video’s and a couple of blogs dedicated to providing information about what we can and can’t do with regard to photography.

New pages Announcement!

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I’ve created a page that deals with photographers rights.  I’m based in the UK but I want to build up a list of links that apply to as many countries all over so the page appeals to everyone.  I’ll update it as I find more articles.

Written by jonathanjk

January 13, 2009 at 23:53

Helping along a good idea

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In Vincent Laforet’s blog he talks about a new feature from Photoshelter, it being the ability to quickly make your own flash slideshows and embed them in other people’s websites (and of course your own).  Secondary to this feature.  Vincent is using this new feature to sell some of his prints through the flash slideshow (which we can also do) but any money as Vincent describes:

I think this has a tremendous potential – so much so, that I’m going to try to encourage you to embed this gallery into your personal sites (or publications!) by applying all of the profits from these print sales for the next 30 days to a student internship/scholarship

This is a good idea and I an only help by also posting his gallery on my site*.  I get a bit of traffic and if it raises awareness for another lucky student then I am happy to help.

*The new flash embed doesn’t work with wordpress just yet as far as I know.  I tried it but I have to post a standard link instead.  It was a good test as I am interested in using this myself.

Written by jonathanjk

November 12, 2008 at 11:22

Vision 2008 Conference

I went to the Vision Conference on Friday 7th.  I wanted to see Simon Norfolk talk about his latest project.  I like the fact he is being so abstract about his take on War Photography. At Vision there was also Simon Roberts who talked about Motherland and he also talked about his latest project; We English.

I recorded Jacob Aue Sobol’s talk and Simon Norfolk’s as well.  Both are small file sizes and can be found here.  Sorry for the poor audio quality with Jacob’s, I haven’t got such software to clean it up.

The 5D mark II also made an appearance at Vision.  Canon were an attendee and had on display 1 of only 3 5D mark II’s in the country.  I was lucky enough to touch it :), but seriously while it holds nicely (prefer it with a battery grip), it has been remodeled slightly so the body isn’t a reuse from the first generation.  Canon again were happy to confirm it is going to be released at the end of the month.

The Vision conference itself was promoted by the BJP and for £10 (£15) if you want your portfolio reviewed.  It is excellent value for money, I’ll be going next year without a doubt.

Written by jonathanjk

November 9, 2008 at 22:36

New Site Announcement!

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Hi I have a new website to keep myself busy with though it is specific in content relating to a photography project I am shooting. It can be found here though at the moment the site is low on content.  The project is about youth culture.

What I aim with the site is to discuss my photo essay on the main page, practice my edits and discuss photography through the pictures I create.  But also in the Photography Archive section, is a place for content I want to share with those I photograph.

Written by jonathanjk

October 31, 2008 at 18:09


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