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Foresight to See Nothing Coming

To quote Bender, “Well, we’re boned”. Our population growth will be a hinderance if it already isn’t now.


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August 18, 2014 at 06:24

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13 – The Lannisters Have Landed

New JPG Logo cover 600 x 600The show can be downloaded here (non-itunes) via RSS and from here (iTunes).

Show Notes

I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, Charmaine, my new semi-regular co-host has never seen Futurama. Together we watch both series from the beginning and discuss their plots, characters while refering to other TV shows and movies along the way.

Sounds from Youtube Videos found here:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Baldurs Gate Intro.

X-Men 90s Intro.

Dwarves singing from the Hobbit.

Stargate Atlantis Intro.

Game of Thrones Intro.

Avengers A Promise Theme.

Only Lovers Left Alive.

Under the Skin.

The Shining.

Lightsaber sounds.

Off With His Head.

Zoidberg – Woop, Woop, Woop.

Homer – You are gay.

Doctor Who – Blink.

Connie Franics – I Will Wait For You.

Recorded on the 30th July. My first queued episode. Still don’t have my Blue microphone.

Bummed it to Death – Episode 12

Finally, a new podcast episode from JPG, number 12, with episode 13 already done and queued.

New JPG Logo cover 600 x 600

Download from iTunes, website.

Show Notes:

  • Continuing on from 2013’s only episode regarding Superhero movies, we round it off with another discussion with the Marvel and D.C. movies, and characters that we’ve seen since 2013.
  • Then we talk about our expectations with these movies, how we discover the details and how they can be ruined for us with all the information available to us for today.
  • We slide quickly into Expendables 3 with Adam addressing its flaws.
  • Our positive thoughts on how good Captain America Two is even with its contrivances. How will a third one work?
  • We briefly talk TV shows that I’m in the various stages of viewing, such as Futurama, Homeland and Game of Thrones.
  • Adam takes issue with Robert Downey Jnr’s earnings. The consequences of watching popular youtube channels such as Cinema Sins and How It Should Have Ended.
  • To mirror our satisfaction with CA2 we call out Thor 2 as being a bit sucky.
  • We end on a small mention about the new podcast format as well.

Music provided by Versus Music Official.



(Adam has a new Blue Yeti mic, but it came with a bit of echo, we will work it out when I get my own. Also I think the silly bastard was clicking his pen. Oh dear).

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July 31, 2014 at 09:13

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A Month in Hong Kong

I’m showing you a month’s worth of living with the air quality in Hong Kong, while wearing a respro mask.

You can get a sense of what’s in the air from seeing the filter turn grey. Typically the air will contain dust from construction sites, exhaust emissions (there are many types here) and other bits from the roadside like ground up gravel and tires.

One month old Mask against a new one. Every month my lungs don’t breathe in all that ‘content’.

What irks me is the level of discolouration present in the mask, this is enough to know that the quality of the air in HK isn’t very good. Some fine individuals have even written an app to track these things. It can be found here (iOS). There is also a website if you don’t want the app..

Anyway I bought a mask to prevent sucking down this junk. To me it was a logical choice, wear the mask or develop lung problems later. Did you know 3000 people die early due to the air quality in Hong Kong.

Yet two things happened as I walk the streets with my various incarnations of the Respro mask:

  • People on the street will stare at me for crazy lengths of time, beyond what is socially acceptable, I get looks of distrust, interest and shock, I get them all. Sometimes I try to out stare people out to see what happens, most just keep staring, they don’t care. But it’s odd when Hong Kong has been uncultured to wear medical masks on a very common basis (this is because of Hong Kong’s relationship with SARS a few years back) .Other people though will take pictures of me on the sly, some people will pretend they are not talking about me, they do that thing where you try to catch your partners attention without being noticed, again I’ve seen it all.
  • Many other people on the street here are continuously covering their mouths with tissue paper, their hands and hankies. Now I wear a mask, it’s silly to see their futile gestures as it doesn’t do anything to prevent inhalation of these roadside particles.

Personally, I’ve only seen one other pedestrian wear such a mask and one person stopped and asked me where they can buy a Respro mask with another individual getting upset that I’m wearing a such a mask. The issue there was that I upset them because it served as an insult to her homeland. Another person I spoke with said they would wear a mask if everybody else did. She recognised it was a problem, but was too self-conscious about it.



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July 31, 2014 at 09:01

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Only Lovers Left Alive – Review and track listing


Being a fan of Jim Jarmusch’s previous films, I knew what to expect with his easy going, uncomplicated, predictable, shooting style. It’s most welcome (he’s doing his thing, but with Vampires and more layers than ‘Broken Flowers’)! He’s a film maker with an intimate, minimalist and considered approach that isn’t exposition heavy. I believe he’s letting audiences sit back and giving them time to think, while watching his movies. The characters and scenes will speak for themselves on that subjective interpretation. Jarmusch, shows rather than tells and I always find myself talking about his characters after watching his movies. That’s his take and his brand I enjoy.*

Jarmusch creates two rich and very fleshed (pun unintended) out vampire characters that are ironically very human, the focus isn’t on their supernatural powers, It’s a given that they have them since they are vampires and the genre is well explored by film makers over the years.  It’s safe to assume they do have them, they just aren’t worth focusing on, and they aren’t necessary for 99% of the movie. The focus is on their individual natures, personalities and the lives they live, Adam and Eve seem like a couple who need their time together as much as their time apart.

What makes them interesting is what they have given and taken in their long relationship with human beings. Adam is the music obsessive and recluse, secretly passing on his works through others over the ages, thereby (maybe without realising) providing entertainment for those he hates. Eve, the nature lover and one interested in ‘feeling’ history, actually somebody who is very human and caring of others, oddly, somebody without a heartbeat seems to have a big heart. Without realising, they have become the things they eat.

Those insensitive to subtly in their movies will say in conversation that “nothing really happens” in ‘Only Lovers Left Behind’, think how “nothing happens” in ‘Lost in Translation’ or ‘Broken Flowers’, except here, even though we are just watching a few people living and interacting without some great great drama or hero’s climax, there is something for us to digest and be entertained with. If you can accept that, the themes and the mirrors that Jarmusch sets up, soon bleed out (pun intended). If not, you’ll think it sucks and leave halfway through, as many people did at my screening.

*I’m tired of movies that try to explain everything with too much exposition or have a pace which is constantly directing your attention. Though don’t go too far in the opposite direction either, like with Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under the Skin’, with its hugely ambiguous narrative, I can’t survive cinema if all films were like that.

The music in OLLA is very special, special to me in that it’s all new and refreshing to me and I want to hear more of it. So that’s what I did and googled for all the tracks. If you want to find the music, here is the song list (copied from the indiewire blog [but they don't provide links like to the songs like I do]):

All the Songs In “Only Lovers Left Alive”, are mostly iTunes links. The individual songs below either don’t exist on the official album or are not in their original form.

Funnel Of Love” – Wanda Jackson

Harissa” – Kasbah Rockers

Caprice No. 5 in A Minor” – Charles Yang (itunes doesn’t have Charles Yang as the composer for the purists out there).

Gamil” – Y.A.S.

Can’t Hardly Stand It” – Charlie Feathers

Trapped By A Thing Called Love” – Denise LaSalle

Soul Dracula” – Hot Blood

Under Skin Or By Name” – White Hills

Red Eyes And Tears” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Little Village” – Bill Laswell (free download).

The soundtrack album which are mostly SQÜRL songs, can be found here.

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July 27, 2014 at 07:26

“Media Experts”.

Have you realised how many people will come out of the wood work to call out a youtube video or an image they think is photoshopped if they suspect it’s fake in some way (but maybe isn’t), but can accept everything mainstream media outlets tell them?

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July 25, 2014 at 00:16

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An Excuse to Read the Story

The Verge proudly states for its headline ‘Michel Gondry talks technology, his latest film ‘Mood Indigo,’ and why he can’t use an iPhone’.

This reads as really interesting right? A successful, imaginative and quirky film director can’t use an iPhone, knowing Gondry, this could be an insightful discussion as it’s been seven years since the iPhone has been released, surely he should know?

Here are some of his views based on Carl Fransen’s question:

A lot of people have used Vine to create stop-motion.
See, I don’t have an iPhone, so I really go to YouTube and Vimeo on the net. So I miss out on a lot of things. But I can’t use an iPhone, because I can’t work out the touchscreen. – Italics is mine.

Did you read all that? Or was it a case of tl:dr?

Because it’s in the title, there’s an expectation that whatever Gondry had to say about the iPhone was an important part of the article. However it’s not. Gondry had 13 words to say about the iPhone, beyond not having one. His views were held till the end of the article, so it isn’t actually important at all, it feels like click bait. I expect honesty from The Verge as they didn’t need to do this, Gondry is interesting all in himself.

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July 22, 2014 at 15:15

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