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New website is coming…

.. don’t be scared.

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January 25, 2015 at 00:23

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‘Next’ Keyboard

I tweeted once (deleted now sadly due to my overly curic* nature) that it would be faster to swipe for an alternative keyboard set in iOS then moving your finger to a button and press down until the desired keyboard came up.

Well today I found myself one step closer to that level of accessibility. I was watching the gif demos of ‘Next’ keyboard. Look at the seventh gif on the story page. It’s exactly the functionality I describe and desire. Sadly it looks like this keyboard only takes it to the aesthetic level.

Still, that’s a minor thing when you realise the ideas that are being expressed on the kickstarter page. I’m purchasing it as soon as it comes out.

*curic seems to mean 2.5 pounds, but I mean I curate my twitter feed too around 200 tweets.

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January 22, 2015 at 11:10

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New Podcasts for January

As my podcast ambitions grow I feel it’s easier to lump new podcast releases together in a single blog post once or twice a month. Those who subscribe to the blog and the show don’t need to be told twice or thrice times a month and I don’t need to type as much and devote more time to working on new content.

New JPG Logo cover 600 x 600So far this month we’ve had JPG Episode 24 ‘What Bear’, come out. Skip this if you haven’t watched any Game of Thrones yet as this episode talks about the end of season three. Episode 25 isn’t Game of Thrones related and is actually unofficially out now on YouTube as I have been testing different ways to distribute my three podcast shows (one is unreleased yet, don’t look for it yet). It can be found here.

Prick Me Logo V2Another Prick Me episode is out, it’s a five part critique of Susanne Venker who was a guest on the Art of Charm podcast, Ami mostly helms this one as she unravels anti-feminism itself and Susanne Venker’s flawed logic. Side A can be found here.

Again thanks for listening and please subscribe to both shows, we’ve got some other topics coming for both shows (some interviews and reportage with ‘Prick Me’, (and of course the third one is going to be released soon).

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January 10, 2015 at 08:25

Stare At This

Anybody following the JPG Podcast, will know that Charmaine my co-host and myself have been introducing each other to a few TV series that either of us haven’t watched.

One of them is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. My favourite series from the franchise.

We are halfway through the first season and it’s already dawned on me that the earliest episodes haven’t aged well.

Keeping that thought in mind, we both picked up on how unnecessarily long the dramatic stares the characters give each other are.

With that discussion I said to Charmaine that somebody should do a supercut. Ergo, I should do one.

Well now it’s started and I’ve slowly started adding one episode a day to my YouTube Channel. If anybody wants to stare at other people staring for unacceptably long periods of time, then you’re welcome to find my YouTube Channel here.

When you consider how each episode is only 45 minutes long, it’s a wonder how the shows weren’t tighter. Maybe a reboot slash alternative universe update was the thing that was needed.

Well not really, but I could do with another Star Trek series set a little after the Dominion War.

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December 28, 2014 at 09:26

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JPG Podcast – Episode 22 – And Now His Podcast has Ended

New JPG Logo cover 600 x 600

Episode 22 has landed and it’s Game of Thrones related again as Adam is still playing too much Playstation again. It could be work related, but it sounds more adventurous if I pretend he does what he wants rather than acts like a responsible person.

Anyway, Charmaine joins me once again for the discussing of the first half of season three.

Music by Jez Aditore 

Discussion points:

- The Queen’s continued quest for power.

- Our love and hate relationship with Stannis. Is there a devil and an angel on his shoulders?

- How Stannis’ story changes from the book and TV series.

- Storm’s End and Dragon Stone (I get the castles mixed up sorry, but you’ll understand).

- I sussed out what Theon did to the two boys correctly.

- Littlefinger vs Varys.

- Dany vs slavery.

- End of episode music.

- There is never a good sword fight at the right time!

- Nitpicking at the introduction of new characters with significant actors.

 We quickly discuss a TV series that I’ve introduced to Charmaine (Deep Space Nine), the first five episodes to be exact. But also we touch on how it has aged as a series. It has been 20 years now.

 Then we get back to GoTh discussion with our stand out moments from the series.

- Finding out who the King beyond the wall is.

- The introduction of the White Walkers.

- Theon’s torture.

- Mormonts death.

- Margeemry and her relationship with Joffery.

- More female characters as the series progresses.

- Dragons and people’s lack of reaction to them.

You can find the show on iTunes here.

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December 4, 2014 at 05:30

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition – Review

Following on from my last game related post, I forgot to mention that I bought without hesitation, Beamdog’s ‘Icewind Dale’ for my iPad. This is my review which mostly concentrates on the accessibility and nostalgia regarding these games. Readers can find performance reviews with in-depth opinions elsewhere very easily. This is from is more personal, we know these games are great.

I spent some digital gold for it because I love older RPG’s (mostly for the sprites and top down perspective) and I have always thought ever since the inception of the original iPad, that RPG’s games would be a perfect game for such handheld devices. I wasn’t wrong when the Baldur’s Gate series eventually did come out as its own enhanced edition and I don’t feel I’m wrong this time either. The nostalgia has struck twice because of Beamdog.

The accessibility is definitely easier than it is on the PC because of the portability and even easier considering the touchscreen we all take for granted. I contain within myself a bit of buzz when carrying these classic adventures with me all day and choose to play them whenever I want, at a doctor’s appointment or on the subway. I remember installing these games from multiple CDs and then needing to store them safely. Can’t believe we all use to do that, along with returning video tapes and DVDs (some of you already don’t do that right?).

My level 8 Dragon Disciple, also my first. I never made one in Baldur's Gate.

My level 8 Dragon Disciple, also my first. I never made one in Baldur’s Gate.

Icewind Dale was first released 14 years, being 20 years old back then meant I grot bored and frustrated quickly after trying to loot the first dungeon and never played it again. Today I am more likely to finish it, I’m already past the first dungeon I quit on all those years ago.

‘Icewind Dale II’, I enjoyed more, played more, and my method for finishing it, was more of the same meaning I didn’t actually finish it. My hope is the sequel is also enhanced later down the line.

It’s been my fault for not being able to finish these games. I always have this problem with these RPGs, but at the same time I like putting down these games that I can pick up weeks or months later. The accessibility offered has a sharper edge to it than any Swashbuckler’s sword!


Accompanying the release of IWD are of course the usual comments and criticisms. Some regard the lack of story (there is a story, but whatever), group interaction or no NPC’s as weaknesses. I don’t, they are a strength in two ways.

I’m writing this review from the perspective of somebody who loves the Forgotten Realms and the Baldur’s Gate games, but that same somebody who needs a break from all the story quests, the side quests, the character quests and the general management of my party members as and when they start fighting or romancing each other. Compared to the BG series, IWD is far more refreshing at the moment because it is easier to get up and running (no Irenicus dungeon here*). Icewind Dale is on equal terms for character creation, gameplay wise it’s a leaner, more linear game so that the mental overhead required is far less than that for BG1 and BG2.  A temporary fatigue has set in with the BG games as I’m just in the mood to kick arse with a +3 something, repeatedly (sorry, I don’t know what the good weapons are yet in IWD)!

Dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons! So many indoor spaces, being outside is rare but a welcome break from the claustrophobia that IWD gives you for the most part.

Dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons! So many indoor spaces, being outside is rare but a welcome break from the claustrophobia that IWD gives you for the most part.

Also because IWD is mostly combat orientated, that actually makes it something far more casual for new comers to take an interest in, this strength is backed up by the new Story Mode (which I have tried when I couldn’t get past this particularly hard boss that was a little girl but turned itself into a giant lizard casting magic, sorry i don’t know the name) where party members are invulnerable and gain double experience point rewards! This makes me wonder how the Diablo and World of Warcraft games are vastly more popular, it’s probably down to their accessibility and arcade mechanics**. I’m happy for this type of feature as maybe it will get other players into the Forgotten Realms setting as it expands (Trent Oster, the lead developer of Beamdog is on record saying he wants to do Baldur’s Gate 5!).

*Really wish there was a way to skip that part of the game for seasoned players.

** This makes me wonder why Adam my co-host on JPG Podcast doesn’t play any forgotten realms title, but gets engrossed in his Diablo series. Something which I played myself, but I was attracted to the history of the Forgotten Realms and its complexity. I’m a dice chucker at heart rather than a mouse clicker.

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November 17, 2014 at 14:39


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