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Terrorists 2, Common Sense 0

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I came across this article on the front page from the Guardian today.  A photographer videoed his own arrest by Lancashire Police force in the UK.  He was arrested not for taking pictures, but for taking pictures in a suspicious way.  Throughout the video, I just wanted to know what is the proper definition of such an act, what is suspicious and what isn’t.  The police and the public seem to think to know, pity the comments on the article have been disabled.  Could have been for an interesting discussion.

Considering Section 44 has been declared illegal, this video is slightly out of date in terms of being able to do much other than to illustrate the irrational fears of other people for doing everyday normal things such as taking pictures.  The terrorists are winning if this is our behaviour.

Written by jonathanjk

February 22, 2010 at 09:08


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