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Who We Are – The Book.

Now I have finished my MA and my formal education, I now have more time for working on this blog and really moving forward with developing and marketing my identity online. One small step in that process is to actually start selling my photography online. This is not to say I haven’t already, I just haven’t done so in a formal manner (basic things like a shopping basket on my portfolio website for example). So again there are a few more changes in the pipeline.  To begin then, I very happy to present the book from my latest project: ‘Who We Are’.

Who We Are by Jonathan JK Morris | Make Your Own Book

(The link above opens a flash interface so it’s not the most speedy either).

The project in a nutshell is a portrait of the city of Swansea, Wales. It’s a snapshot of how the city exists today, presenting its peoples and citing its cultural contributions while promoting a little bit of Welshness. To be cost effective, the book is 7×7 inches (18cm) and just short of 60 images with the documentary being a mixture of portraits, landscapes and detail shots.

If you fancy purchasing one I’ll be honoured, if not I hope you liked the work in the preview anyway, thank you.

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September 13, 2011 at 18:49

A 30 minute journey with the X100: Rhossili

Rather than repeat myself with another Doctor Who/Torchwood blog post. The Old Rectory house was seen in the first episode of the new Torchwood series. I’d thought I’d mention and show the space itself.

It’s the white building in the distance below, but there is a close up in this photo series.

Rhossili beach

Rhossili beach has been voted the best beach in the UK, it’s also considered to be one of the top 25 beaches in the world and on top as a bonus, it offers some of the best surf in the UK. What can be seen in the image above stretches along the coast for 3 miles to Llangennith. On the beach below the cliff face are the remains of the Helvetia; a Norwegian ship that ran aground over 100 years old. The local pub in the village is named after it.

It is a lovely co-incidence we were both there on the same day. In this picture above is a friend of mine currently serving in the Army but regularly comes here to paraglide. I am trying to get a picture from his starting point; way up high above the bay which is shrouded in mist in the next image below.

The Old Rectory seen in Torchwood: Miracle Day Part One

The long walk to Worms Head.

Rhossili has two tidal islands, the one in the distance is named ‘Worm’s Head’. This means you can’t get to them on foot when the tide is in. The area is also looked after by the National Trust who operate a gift shop and a weather station; informing people of incoming tides so as to not get trapped on the island.

A Marine Biologist giving a talk about marine conservation in the area.

The view from Worms Head looking back.

This isn’t even from the furthest point, I was only wearing a shirt, combats and some converse. The sun was shining before attempting to make the crossing over to the islands. The weather changes that quickly! So it seemed like I could get away with my choice of clothing when our group began. We called quits on making it out all the way for the panoramic view at the end point.

Expect to get wet, cold, tread on literally hundreds of thousands of muscles when the tide is out and save the life of the odd wandering Spider Crab from hungry Seagulls.

Rhossili village occupies a space in South Wales called the Gower, it’s a short drive from Swansea City and has been designated a place of outstanding natural beauty by the UK government, the first in the country at the time.

MA Project ~ ‘Traces': New Title, New Images

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I’ve been thinking for a while now ‘Traces’ doesn’t say much about the project or it says too much because of its ambigious nature. That’s why it was only a working title.

At Swansea City Football Club, supporters chant ‘Who are we?’, which I think it interesting because in that context they are asking outsiders to question who they are. As I’m actually trying to answer that very question, it’s very succinct as a title and wholly relevant.

If I answer that question, shouldn’t it turn into a statement like: “Who we are”?

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June 16, 2011 at 14:16

Project ~ Free Running with the Fuji X100

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Slowly but surely as the X100 becomes an extension of my body, I’m beginning to handle it for the more fast paced projects I’m currently shooting, and don’t think it can get any faster than Free Running.

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June 12, 2011 at 00:56

Fuji X100 ~ ‘Sky News, Who Are We’?

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Swansea played and beat Reading today at Wembley stadium. 40,000 die-hard Swansea supporters travelled to London to watch. Those who stayed behind in the second City of Wales watched the game on the big screen in Castle Square and in the many drinking establishments on Wind Street.

Football by itself doesn’t really interest me, but today the event would be a great opportunity to try and capture some of the day’s emotion with the Fuji X100. Sky News and ITV made an effort to come out as well to record (live in some incidents) the obvious jubilant reactions of the Swansea fans celebrating. I spent most of my time following the various TV crews.

The reason for the title? One fan was shouting at the Sky Sports crew with, ‘Sky News, SKY NEWS’. When they turned to look he shouted ‘Who are we’?

The Adelphi Pub

ITV Live inside Walkabout

Sky Sports outside the Adelphi recording fan's reactions.

There was a Facebook page set up so returning fans could gather together and celebrate at Castle Square, the Police arrived in preparation but nothing materialised out of that. I resorted to taking some portraits and called it a day.

F2 1/160th @ 3200 ISO

Even a descendant of Lokai from the planet Ariannus* came to celebrate the night, it was that momentus:

F2 1/60th @ 3200 ISO

* Star Trek reference.

The opening image might be included in my MA project as well. Though edited slightly differently as those colours present are not my usual style.
For those enquiring, the Fuji X100 review is coming.

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May 30, 2011 at 23:39

Car Enthusiasm: 2nd September

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James rolled up yesterday in his new Audi TTS.  A new motor is guaranteed to be the a topic of conversation for the next few meet ups while everybody is introduced to it.

James's new Audi TTS Turbo

Getting a feel for the inside.

Getting a feel for the inside.

Lost in the moment.

Moses and Jesus share a conversation between themselves.

Link to library of images (link).

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September 3, 2010 at 11:19

Free Running 7th August

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A bit of rain and a lot of pain.(link to images)

Normally Urban Precision (U.P.) don’t free run in the wet weather as it makes everything slippery, the brief shower forced U.P. to move indoors to the top of a car park, trying flips over a high rail and grappling with the ceiling leading into the Quadrant shopping centre.

Afterwards the sunshine came out in full force there was some discussion about moving back out again to the usual spots; St David’s shopping centre and ‘The Letters’ by the LC2.

180 Cat Grip

Wall Flip.

The letters are an artistic arrangement of concrete shaped letters and are an ideal platform to practice flips and jumps off.  None of that happened however as Nathan might have broken his foot before getting there.

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August 7, 2010 at 17:53


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