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App Review ~ Portfolio Pro

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Portfolio Pro 1.02

Fifteen months ago I interviewed Nick Kuh for this blog and reviewed his iOS app, Portfolio To Go (link to review). In our interview, Nick stated he had taken Portfolio To Go to it’s logical conclusion – a well refined app that did the job he expected it to do, in fact Nick considered it a learning experiment (it was his first iPad app).

It seems since that experiment, Nick has been busy on his latest and arguably his most important app yet, Portfolio Pro. Portfolio Pro caters to the professional image maker for presenting content to clients. Portfolio Pro is primarily a playback tool, with Nick sticking to his belief that an iPad should be consumption device, not a content creation tool. This makes for a simpler, lighter, easier to navigate app; eschewing many options for editing content. In an ever increasingly crowded market, will this approach still be successful?  Let’s find out.

Website  –

iTunes link – Portfolio Pro

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May 12, 2012 at 20:46

App Review ~ Minimal Folio

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Minimal Folio App Review (Version 1.08)

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so your portfolio can do the talking.

Minimal Homescreen

On First Use/Settings

I adore Modernism as an Architectural style and the idea of Minimalism as a way of life, both are something I’ve been fond of for a number of years. So I didn’t think I would be talking about those schools of art when I started these series of reviews, until I discovered Minimal Folio (via AppShopper). Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is quoted as saying “less is more”, and “god is in the details”, both quotes are appropriate as you begin to get a feel for this app. Simon Hey’s approach with Minimal Folio evokes Mies’s style of Modernist design, who referred to his buildings as “skin and bones” architecture. This is “skin and bones app design”, with the user bringing the meat.

Minimal Folio has an extreme clarity and simplicity of purpose.

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App Review ~ Collections for iPad

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Collections for iPad Home Screen

Collections for iPad Version 1.7

CFI provides a one-stop solution to organise your photos into photo books, collect you photos into a portfolio and even share your collections. You can choose your favourite layouts to show off your photos. You can transfer your photos from your computer (directly), Facebook and Dropbox into beautiful collections for sharing, export your photobooks into PDF and play slideshows of your photo books with music as well.

Collections for iPad

As with all iOS portfolio Apps, it’s important to know how they introduce themselves on first use. Do they provide a quick run through of the App with instructions, contain a help guide/slideshow? How easily does the App allow the user to get to work? The first thing an artist is going to do is create a gallery and then customise it. This walkthrough and others walk that line.

Collections for iPad (CFI), is the fourth iOS App in this series of portfolio Apps to be reviewed. As you can read from the Quick Features list, there are options galore for customising nearly every aspect of a portfolio. You might feel a little overwhelmed, but for those who want an extreme amount of control, if you want the ability to edit to your hearts content, to the individual pixel, Collections for iPad is probably it.

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Ryan Britton of Portfolio interviewed

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In my ongoing series of interviews with creators of iPad portfolio Apps, is Portfolio creator, Ryan Britton.

Britton Photography is a Spokane, WA-based wedding and portrait photography studio. It’s run by myself and Amy — I’m the technical one of the two and have been writing software since the early ‘90s. We’ve been doing photography together for about five years now and have been steadily growing both in revenue and the number of shoots we do each year.

Portfolio can be found at any of the links below:

Website, iTunes UK, iTunes US, Facebook, Twitter


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Hey, visitor!  Yes you.  Do you use Dropbox?  If you don’t, have you heard about it?  It’s online storage and syncing made easy.  I have it linked to my Mac, iPad and iPhone.  Any changes to your Dropbox folder are immediately synced to all your devices for ease of use.

My most important documents are in my Dropbox folder on my Mac, now I’ll never forget about something I left at home, it’s on my Phone as well!

If this sounds like something you could use yourself, could you use my referral code?  This allows me to have an extra 250 megs of space.  But it isn’t all about me, you’ll also get an 250 megs over your basic capacity if you would just register without a referral code.  It’s a free service up to 8GB of storage, after that you need to pay for allocations of 50GB and 100GB.

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December 23, 2010 at 14:00


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