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App Review ~ FolioBook

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FolioBook 2.2

FolioBook Home Screen

Foliobook is the iPad portfolio app that allows you to create your own magazine-like home page. Professional Photographer Magazine said “Its the most unique customisable portfolio app”. Not only does it allow you to express your work and your individuality, Foliobook is also fast and easy to use. – FolioBook website.

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Ryan Britton of Portfolio interviewed

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In my ongoing series of interviews with creators of iPad portfolio Apps, is Portfolio creator, Ryan Britton.

Britton Photography is a Spokane, WA-based wedding and portrait photography studio. It’s run by myself and Amy — I’m the technical one of the two and have been writing software since the early ‘90s. We’ve been doing photography together for about five years now and have been steadily growing both in revenue and the number of shoots we do each year.

Portfolio can be found at any of the links below:

Website, iTunes UK, iTunes US, Facebook, Twitter


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Aweditorum and Project iPad Apps

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I just saw this advert over at macrumors.

It neatly gets to the point and it does it so well.

I have an iPad.  Since the 4.2 update it has become a new machine.  If I was happy with it before, I’m ecstatic about it now.

Current iPad home screen

Current iPad home screen

I work part time as a study support to other students.  The iPad is so much easier to have with me compared to my MacBook. Forget the physical differences between the two devices for the moment.  The ability to hand over my work to those I work with is the best part.  They appreciate it as well.

I use a writing program called ‘iA Writer’.  It adds a few more buttons to the standard Apple keyboard and takes on a very minimal approach with text entry.  I mean minimal as well, you don’t even have the ability to embolden what you write.  I like this, you can just concentrate on what you’re supposed to do.  The best part is the DropBox integration.  On iOS 3.2, resuming on the App meant starting back at the top again upon and scrolling down.  If you had to flick in between Apps this became tedious really quickly.  On iOS 4.2, you’re back where you left off.

Apps to try at the moment are Aweditorum and Project.  Both are in the charts on iTunes so there is no need to post a link here.

Aweditorum, is a new way of discovering music.  You’re presented with a large grid with every artist having 1 image representing their space on the grid.  You can scroll through this grid and tap and pinch to zoom on any particular artist.  When you do, music starts playing with further options presented in tiny cute icons along the bottom.  Once zoomed in, you can still scroll one square at a time, up, down, left or right.

Aweditorum homescreen or grid

While listening, pop ups apear like on MTV music videos.  They provide little nuggets of information about who you’re listening to.  The clever bit is if they get in the way, give them a flick!  Watch them find another space to sit on your screen.

Artist page presenting options and bubble text.

My issues at the moment are: you can’t create a favourites list for viewing or purchasing later.  As it is, everything is set up so you can only buy on impulse.  Hopefully an update will sort that out while adhering to the minimal interface.  It also does take 15-20 seconds (sometimes longer) to pre load some of the content on the grid.

Aweditorum can run in the background but if you lock the screen nothing is displayed, I thought it would be nice if something was on the screen.  The alternative is to leave the iPad on as it cycles through the content.  At the moment I’m treating it like a radio but with pictures.

Project, I won’t say too much as it’s so new to me.  I will say I love the layout and blending of textual content with imagery and video.  This is a very slick magazine.  I bought the first issue to check it out and its choc full of information and clever ways to present content.  You really get the feel the designers went all out with their first iPad issue.  Navigation took a second to figure out, but its come off natural now and I’m free flowing through the content.  Haven’t figured out how the forums inside the magazine work properly.

Project Cover (during video playback).

First page of Jeff Bridges feature (video playing).

First page of Jeff Bridges feature (video playing).

One thing I really dislike about the navigation is scrolling from article to article.  John Gruber also makes a point of this and I agree with some of his complaints (I don’t have a problem with the font handling though). If you travel backwards, the reader doesn’t land on the last page of the previous article as you would expect.  You land on the first page, there is then a requirement to scroll down to get to the last place you were reading!  This needs fixing as it’s very annoying.

For the ILFORD geeks! 2

This page is an example of the interactivity offered by the magzine.  Each still is tappable.  Once tapped audio plays.  Jeff himself speaks for 15-30 seconds about each particular film.  The pullout in the bottom right with the red X allows external content to be accessed.  Be careful though, the magazine works in exclusion from the internet.  You can’t share links or copy and paste content.  A wall garden of sorts if I’m to use the phrase of the moment.  At the moment I’m not too concerned as it’s no different to a real magazine in this regard.

Interactive image for Jaguar feature.

This is a small interactive feature for the new Jaguar C-x75 concept car.  You run your finger over the pencil drawing and you end up drawing in the still photo over it.


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