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Shades of Grey Outside the IFC Apple Store

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Mainland Chinese huddle over their purchases that they will soon take back to China.

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Traders patrolling outside the Apple Store in order to find a buyer.

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Everyone hopes to sell their iPhones before the grey market prices start to drop once Apple is allowed to sell in China.

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September 27, 2014 at 03:50

Episode 16 – That Sonofabitch isn’t Waterproof Apple

New JPG Logo cover 600 x 600

In this special episode we dig deep into the latest announcements from Apple.

Show can be downloaded here or here on iTunes.

Show Notes

Sound Clips – Apple advert – boring – One More Thing – Shaun of the dead – Winchester Plan – apple store opening in china – You Shall Not Pass – Hand in Jar – iPhone 6 Advert – To Be The Man (Ric Flair ‘woo’) – Are you Geared Up?

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September 17, 2014 at 12:44

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iPhone 6 camera :-(

The camera in the new IPhone 6 bothers me and this is the ONLY thing about these excellent iPhones that do. It’s the one feature that I was really expecting an upgrade for and Apple didn’t go all the way.

I had an iPhone 4S after owning the 3GS. The 4S had an eight megapixel camera, then I bought a second hand iPhone 5 here in Hong Kong to tie me over until the iPhone 6 came out, that also has 8 megapixels, I deliberately skipped the iPhone 5S because the camera still hadn’t changed and the screen size was the same as the iPhone 5.

“The six, will have everything”, I thought. Boom. No.

You can see the differences between the 4S to the 6 below as quoted from wikipedia.

Highlights in red are mine and illustrate new differences between models. iPhone 4S on the left, the iPhone 6 Plus on the far right.

8 MP photos with 1.4µ pixels,f/2.41080p HD video (30 fps),Infrared cut-off filterBack-illuminated sensorface detection,video stabilization, panorama and ability to take photos while shooting videos 8 MP photos with 1.5µ pixels,f/2.2 aperture1080p HD video (30 fps) or 720 HD video slo-mo video at 120 fps, improved video stabilization,True Tone flashInfrared cut-off filterBack-illuminated sensorface detection, panorama, ability to take photos while shooting videos and Burst mode 8 MP photos with 1.5µ pixels,f/2.2 aperture, 1080p HD video (30 fps) or 720 HD video slo-mo video at 240 fps, True Tone flashInfrared cut-off filter,Back-illuminated sensorface detection, panorama, ability to take photos while shooting videos and Burst mode, time-lapse video, phase-detect auto-focus 8 MP photos with 1.5µ pixels, f/2.2aperture, 1080p HD video (30 fps) or 720 HD video slo-mo video at 240 fps, True Tone flashInfrared cut-off filterBack-illuminated sensorface detection, panorama, ability to take photos while shooting videos and Burst mode, time lapse video, phase-detect auto-focus, optical image stabilisation

Okay, they they did say they updated the sensor, added the optical image stabilisation, updated the video mode, but couldn’t they have added at least a 12megapixel camera?

8mp doesn’t matter if you didn’t want to print your iPhone pictures, if you live only in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, but I don’t, I fancy printing my snaps. I also might want to crop a picture, having more pixels gives me some room to do so.

My hope is they will update the camera in the iPhone 6s as a defining feature. I can’t believe they have gone four generations now with the same camera resolution, I refuse to accept they’ll do it a 5th time. Then again what can I do? I find myself weighing the extra benefit of the screen size vs the shortcomings of the camera. Which will benefit me more? I’ll see.

As a sidenote, I haven’t seen any publication point out that the iPhone hasn’t had a megapixel bump since the 4S all the way back in 2011!

With regard to the updates. Did they need to make the 4.7″ thinner than the 5.5″ iPhone? What’s wrong with keeping it to 7.1mm like the 5.5″ brother? Then both models can have the OIS and better battery life. Why can’t the screens be the sole differentiator?

Oddly I don’t mind how the lens juts out, everybody is going to slap a case on them anyway. It won’t matter that much to many people.

At the same time, wouldn’t it have been nice to keep the iPhone 5s up to date along with the new models, giving the iPhone 5s the same makeover? The 4″ screen size is the most popular after all. But maybe they want the attention to be concentrated on the newest models. Maybe that screen size will get an update next year.

Written by jonathanjk

September 12, 2014 at 07:56

Famous Quotes

“No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame”.Rob Malda (Cmdr Taco) with regard to the iPod.

“PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in”. – Ed Colligan with regard to the iPhone.

“This watch has no sex appeal. It’s too feminine and looks too much like the smartwatches already on the market”. – Jean-Claude Biver with regard to the Apple Watch.

Time will always tell, especially with this Apple Watch.

Written by jonathanjk

September 12, 2014 at 07:23

Photography App: Marksta

There is a nifty, new app on the App Store for those of us who want a way to create a watermark directly from our iOS devices (not universal, but you can of course use it on the iPad in x2 mode). It is free for a limited time and can be found here. The app itself is called Marksta and was conceived by another photographer looking for an effortless way to add his watermark to his imagess directly from his phone. The British Journal of Photography (BJP) interview him in more detail here.

For me, at the moment, this app is ideal as I only have an iPhone for my photography and I can’t be bothered to import the images into Pixelmator and work on them from there in order to then upload them to another location online. Now everything can be done on my telephone, on my commute even! The app is very intuitive; you just run along the options offered along the bottom of the app and inside a minute you have an watermark for your iPhone photography.

If there is one complaint I have, it is because of the pedant in me, not actually because of the app. John D McHugh states he made Marksta because his work was being stolen online. The thing is you can’t steal images online, you can only copy them, hence the term ‘copyright infringement’. If McHugh’s images were actually being ‘stolen’, a nifty watermark won’t actually be of much use.

Written by jonathanjk

January 4, 2013 at 14:03

Learning German and the Paul Noble Language Institute

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‘Nobody Wants to Learn German’.

Supposedly people aren’t interested in learning German, Spanish and French are more popular when compared. A local college near me has stopped offering their german course and I had waited nearly two years to enroll on a Paul Noble language course.

No wait, that doesn’t make sense. If nobody wanted to learn German, why did it take me that length of time to get on the course? The title of this heading is pretty much the take away response from both the local college and Collins; the publisher of Paul Noble language courses.

It’s only with persevering with enrolling that I secured on place on the course. No small feat when classes are limited to eight students per class. It’s only after I turned up the Saturday that I discovered Collins were lying to me, they ARE releasing study at home versions this September, my situation was almost as confusing as trying TO actually learn German!

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iPhoto for the 1st Generation iPad?

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Title says it all. Do you want it? I have it for my iPhone4S and it was a bummer I couldn’t use it on my iPad until today.

This method isn’t a true hack or even a jailbreak. It uses the new Apple iPhone Configuration tool. I just got it working on my 1st Generation iPad.

Follow this link to the Verge who have video showing what the performance is like.

Follow this link to AppAdvice with the install instructions (when installing the iPhone App tool might look like it’s hung because of the spinning beach ball, but it’s actually fine).

Being able to edit my iPhone 4S pictures uploaded to Photo Stream on my iPad is so much better (because of the screen space) than it is on the iPhone (though performance is better on the iPhone naturally).

It reminds me of Steve Jobs mentioned at the iPad 2 launch regarding the original iPad, “It’s no slouch”.


I can’t really fault Apple for not letting iPhoto run on the original iPad. It does make sense to restrict iPhoto only to devices with cameras. Besides the geeks, who else is going to go through the effort of getting iPhoto to run on something it’s not meant for? My first thought was to take advantage of the larger screen for photo editing; taking full advantage of Photo Stream to transport images back and forth between devices.

Imagine if iPhoto could run naturally on the original iPad. You only have to look at the average pile of comments accompanying Apps on the App Store by those who complain with a 1 Star rating about the slightest thing they don’t like with an App. I think Apple saved themselves some hassle justifying it’s existence. Geeks on the other hand are going to understand installing another piece of software, (iPhone App Configurator) the limitations of running it on an older device and just accept them, like I have done.

I’m not trying to apologise for Apple, I just don’t think they want the confusion, nor do I really think a $5 App is going to force people to upgrade their iPads from the one they have now.

Written by jonathanjk

March 10, 2012 at 17:03


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