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JPG Podcast – The One Where Alex Reveals his Pessimism

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Welcome to our fourth podcast, in this episode Alex is back and we jump right into discussing Instagram; with it’s recent purchase by Facebook and Instagram’s growing role within Photography and Photojournalism. We also spend discussing Alex’s move to Canada and what are his first impressions and we reflect on KONY2012 and compare its media attention to similar projects (like Aaron Huey’s: American Natives Prisoners of War TED talk & TED wish) that haven’t been given the same attention they should deserve, especially when they are closer to home.

iTunes and direct links.

Show Notes

02:00 – Facebook buys Instagram

How to Export Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Ruins Everything (Gizmodo), Why is Instagram worth $1 Billion to Facebook and Zuckerberg, (Suntimes)

40:35 – Instagram’s role within Photography and Photojournalism

War Never Looked So Hip (Duckrabbit), Photojournalists debate ethics of Instagram, Hipstamatic (, See the Eyes of VII in the Hands of Hipstamatic (Griffinmuseum), Instagram is the Best, Instagram is the Worst (TheVerge), iSay: Stephen Mayes on Smart Phones, photography and the future (,

1:16:50 – Alex’s First Impressions of Canada

1:27:40 – What About Aaron Huey and his Force for Change?

Aaron Huey: America’s Prisoners of War (TED)

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April 11, 2012 at 16:23

JPG Podcast – The One Where Adam Gives Me Gold

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Our second episode, but Adam’s first, I break him into the format we’re setting up, I give Adam the floor and along the way we open up by discussing Kony2012 and some of its criticism, the new iPad, our first iPods and Apple Macintoshes, why pulling away from Windows wasn’t pain free for me touching on the gaming scene at the turn of the century.

We look back on PC classics such as Balder’s Gate, Half Life, Total Annihilation, Diablo, Starcraft and development delays with Starcraft 3. We also revisit Mario through Mario Portal. Having conquered gaming we discuss the Japanese version of the new Avengers trailer, then going seriously off topic with our movies into discussing who could play Steve Jobs in the movie about him.

Rounding off with mentioning, TV shows I don’t watch and I assumed Adam had used Pixelmator sufficiently enough to tell me how he feels about it.

In brief, a crazy, throughly geeky episode.

iTunes or direct links

Show Notes:

Kony2012, Jason Russell hospitalised.

The iPod

Classic Games – Baldur’s Gate (Digital download [Press release announcing Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition]), Half Life, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Diablo, Mario Portal (free download) and Sonic the Hedgehog including Sonic CD – iOS App

The Japanese Avengers movie trailer

The Pirates of Silicon Valley

- History of the animated Gif

- Ultimate Taser Ball (originally from Kottke)

- Super Mario as Surrealist Art

- Tron Dance Party (Not mentioned as I forgot, but I wanted to share)


- Pixelmator tutorials


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Help make Kony famous before the end of 2012. More importantly, make a donation showing how amazing we are as human to end this instance of evil. (FIXED LINK)

Stop Kony, make him famous.

UPDATE: A lot of people by now will have heard the creator of STOP KONY has been arrested and it’s been all over Twitter. DuckRabbit has an excellent breakdown on the situation and it serves as a good reminder that news will spread when the facts or direct quotes aren’t present. I invite you to read on here. As usual everything isn’t what it seems at first glance. It turns out Jason Russell wasn’t masturbating.

This is the first comment in the story I’m linking too.

J A Mortram states “… Regardless of whom the fact someone has potentially had some form of mental breakdown and in such a public way is not a scenario for mockery. How fast the world spins from caring for 15 mins for one cause to ridiculing another”.

It’s the same reaction with the actual STOP KONY video, once people found out it wasn’t as ‘accurate’ as they thought, they felt it was an excuse not to donate or to ridicule the effort. (It’s a pity this kind of reaction/awareness is shared and then directed at governments and corporations that lie to us every single day). Jason Russell and Uganda is in this situation because of our collective apathy towards those institutions after all.

In my opinion, the video isn’t inaccurate; it’s describing the situation in a very easy to understand manner. Some would say simplistic, nothing totally wrong with that when people’s attention spans rest briefly on a cause. Especially as the pinnacle of a consumers’ desires; the iPad, is currently breathing life into internet’s news ecosystem. ‘Stop who?’ some might say.

UPDATE 2: This article discussing the video about Jason Russell, note he wasn’t arrested and wasn’t masturbating.

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March 7, 2012 at 13:12


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