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Round Up ~ April’s Blog Posts

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App Review ~ Minimal Folio

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Minimal Folio App Review (Version 1.08)

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so your portfolio can do the talking.

Minimal Homescreen

On First Use/Settings

I adore Modernism as an Architectural style and the idea of Minimalism as a way of life, both are something I’ve been fond of for a number of years. So I didn’t think I would be talking about those schools of art when I started these series of reviews, until I discovered Minimal Folio (via AppShopper). Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is quoted as saying “less is more”, and “god is in the details”, both quotes are appropriate as you begin to get a feel for this app. Simon Hey’s approach with Minimal Folio evokes Mies’s style of Modernist design, who referred to his buildings as “skin and bones” architecture. This is “skin and bones app design”, with the user bringing the meat.

Minimal Folio has an extreme clarity and simplicity of purpose.

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Simon Heys of Minimal Folio Interviewed

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The eleventh interview from a larger series of interviews with Photographers and iOS Developers.  All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.  This interview is with Simon Heys, based in London, England. He is a graphic designer and Programmer. He writes his own iOS Apps.

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so your portfolio can do the talking.

iTunes, App Shopper, Homepage, Twitter.


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May the design be with you

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I love these new minimalist Star Wars inspired posters.  Notice the careful attention to detail with the facial features.  A landscape element from the movie is used as a feature to draw the character depicted.  Now the bad news, they were on sale as of yesterday and they were limited to a run of 400 each.  Sold out already.  Crazy stuff, well done to Mondo.

My favourite is the Boba Fett one, followed by C3PO, great use of colour as well.

Written by jonathanjk

December 21, 2010 at 12:43

Extensions and Wallpapers

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I went on a surfing splurge today and found a ton of beautiful iPhone wallpapers and really cool Safari extensions.  Here are the fruits of my time wasting labour:

Wallpapers For iPhone:

iPhone Wallpapers – A curated tumblr blog of iPhone Wallpapers.  Ironically the site loads wallpaper samples in flash.  But underneath are direct links to the images anyway.

A collection of iPhone Wallpapers – Round 1, Round 2.

For Desktop & Safari:

Simple Desktops – a great website which I frequent for minimalist designed backgrounds.

Typophone 4 – Deviant Art page which shows a custom lock screen UI.  You have to jailbreak your iPhone though.  (I can’t wait to do mine in June.)

Safari Extensions:

FuckYouTube – Removes all the clutter on the site, saving system memory as well.

PureFlickr – Takes Flickr back to its basics; the images!

MacRumorsMinimal – Scroll down to download the extension, another extension to minimise the clutter.

Beautipedia – It’s in the name, beautiful + Wikipedia.  Makes reading easier.

Apple Safari Extensions page – Can’t provide a direct link, but this is the official Safari site for extending the abilities of Safari.  Here are a few I downloaded are: FaceBookBlocker, FaceBook Ads Blocker, FaceBook Cleaner, FaceBook Improved, I don’t care on FaceBook, Readable FaceBook, Follow Freely, Safari Restore, (The Unauthorised) DaringFireball with comments.

Most of them are there to remove the crap from the Internet, it surprised me how many I downloaded just for facebook!  There is less visual junk on my Facebook now and it loads a lot quicker.

Credits: BeautifulPixels, I frequent their site now and again, for the mac geek in you its choc full of surprising, interesting, little stories or programs.  It is where I also found some of the Safari extensions.

Written by jonathanjk

November 15, 2010 at 15:04

iOS 4

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I have just downloaded my copy of iOS4 for my 3GS. I can finally have all my apps on the one screen, that means no more swiping.  Tapping takes so much less effort to get in and out of one’s apps. Here is my home screen as it stands and I hope it continues to stand for the future:

I always hated the extra screens.  Yes Mail, Settings, Notes and the iPod App are my most used apps besides the phone’s normal functions.

On a side note, performance is better regarding the camera and the tap to focus during making a video is really a good thing to have.

Written by jonathanjk

June 21, 2010 at 21:48


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