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Time Machine ~ There’s a fix for that.

Earlier this week I kept getting this error message:

I dismissed it the first few times thinking Time Machine was having a funny moment. After the fifth error message I took the hint. Time Machine could not complete a backup, right I get that, but what is the error and what does clicking OK really mean?

Well it means nothing, you’re on your own to sort out the problem. The purple question mark box doesn’t offer any real help at all for the issue. David Alison (link) got the same error message three years ago. I discovered his site through a google search. A rogue folder was the source of his problem; clogging up the backup mechanism.

Yay I thought, I just need to delete this file and be on my way, no such luck. I can’t modify the drive, I can’t even format it. To the best of my knowledge it’s dead. For the moment I’m making backups manually with a spare drive.

So Apple, that dialog box above could mean anything to the inexperienced user. Maybe the Lion 10.7 update will provide a less Microsoftian explanation, as it seems to range from either being a simple job of deleting a file or paying £75 for a new drive.

Written by jonathanjk

May 21, 2011 at 10:38

Round Up ~ April’s Blog Posts

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Adobe: This is how you do it.

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Source: Push Pop Press

You know what is the best bit from the video, besides the wonderful animation and ever so thoughtful and considered user interface (UI)? Push Pop Press are licensing the technology to book publishers. So we should expect to see more content like this in the near future.

To think it takes a smaller company with a smaller amount of resources to design and produce something that is far more intuitive than what is the current ‘standard’ for digital books.

The book being demoed is Al Gore’s ‘Our Choice’ which is already for sale on the App Store. (£2.99 UK) link.

Written by jonathanjk

May 2, 2011 at 11:05

Aperture vs Lightroom

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Barefeats have just posted a ‘first take’ on performance between Aperture and Lightroom. The quick gist of it is:

Lightroom is more efficient with processing raw files while Aperture is quicker importing and exporting raw files

One thing for me to gauge from this is: buying an SSD won’t actually solve my Aperture 3 slowness. A bit of good news considering the prices of SSD’s at the moment. Bad news, I need a new Mac to get the processor upgrade!  Barefeats also noted that Aperture only used 4% GPU processing power as well.  That’s a shame if true.

We tried exporting to both single HDD and single SSD. The export times were identical which tells us that the processing by CPU is the bottleneck (emphasis mine). Activity monitor shows that even when the SSD was used, it was loafing along at 6.9MB/s transfer rate and 46 operations per second when it is capable of 40 times that transfer rate and 490 times that many operations per second. – Barefeats.

Written by jonathanjk

December 11, 2010 at 12:24


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