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Once Magazine (iPad Magazine)

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This is a quick shout out for the excellent publication that is OnceMagazine.

If you have an iPad and are interested in reading about what other people are doing in the world through engaging photo stories, multimedia and written articles, then I suggest you check out OnceMagazine on Apple’s Newsstand.

Every issue comes with three stories from around the world by three contributing photojournalists and writers. There are no adverts to speak of and it’s only £1.50 a month on subscription (about $2-3 dollars). That’s 50p for each quality story (around 90 cents), with no advertising! That’s great value alone and over time builds into a great archive of content you can look back on and research.

I work in a university environment and use my iPad during lessons to show work off instead of running downstairs sometimes for a book in the library. It’s a great reference tool for  me and students.

This is also your chance to support an independent venture on Newsstand. If you want something different to read I really suggest you take a look. For me it’s the only thing worth subscribing too at the moment.

So please check it out. Oh and the first issue is actually FREE.

Twitter, App Store link.

Written by jonathanjk

May 21, 2012 at 19:02

Introducing JPG Podcast

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I’d like to introduce my very own podcast. Set up with two friends of mine, Alex and Adam (Alex can be found online here and here).

‘JPG’, which stands for journalism, photography and geek, is meant to be an extension of this website’s narrative; covering the same topics that I’m mostly interested. I’m getting to the point where I haven’t felt I should write about everything I come across and it is in my mind more engaging when two photographers discuss something like photography apps on the iPad/iPhone. Bringing Alex onboard helps in that sense.

We will be having irregularly timed podcasts, probably one or two a month (bandwidth permitting). Our aim isn’t to be an up-to-the-minute news show, there are enough of them  (and better ones) out there. Again the style of the podcast will be much in the vain of this website, longer analysis, reviews of photography apps and sometimes just a bit of geek discussion. My aim is to get the balance of serious discussion and light hearted discussion right. Overall I want all the topics to be fun, but to be informative at the same time.

The Podcast’s art work is still being worked up. Later today I will create some sort of Podcast page s well.

If you download and listen I hope you stick around as this podcast idea expands, the first show is a bit raw and unplanned (as the title alludes to), but I thank you for listening.


The first episode is titled – ‘The One Where Alex Didn’t Use a Mic‘ (iTunes link). (Non-iTunes link here)

An irregular podcast featuring your host Jonathan, with alternating guests Alex and Adam. In each podcast we’ll talk about what’s happening in the world of journalism, photography, mixed in with plenty of geek; where geek can bring almost literally anything to the discussion table. 

In our first episode we get to grips with podcasting while at the same time discussing what is probably the best iOS Photography Magazine on the Apple App Store in the form of ‘Once Magazine'(but most definitely the best magazine overall), Apple’s 25 Billion Apps promo, a slew of iOS photography Apps for the iPhone and iPad, a curious iPhone case, a music recommendation and a year’s break to Canada.

Show Notes:

Apple Promo Page

3rd Party App Countdown Site

iOS App – Once Magazine (iPad Only)

iOS App – F8 Magazine (iPad Only)

iOS App – 360 Panorama

iOS App – PhotoSynth

iOS App – Nostalgio

iOS App – PicStitch

iOS App – KinoTopic

4×5 Kodachrome Images from the 1940’s (photographs by Alfred Palmer) and also

The Collarbone (iPad only) (Tumblr Page)

‘Maybe it’s My Fault’ (Jordan Commercial, Youtube Link)

iPhone RangeFinder Case (Photojojo)

All music by Da Chip

Help to set up this podcast came from Donald Sinatra, podcast hosting by Libsyn.


Written by jonathanjk

March 1, 2012 at 13:47


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