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Alrik Swagerman of Viewbook Interviewed

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The twelfth interview from a series of interviews with Photographers and iOS Developers alike.  All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone in some way.  This interview is with Alrik Swagerman based in Rotterdam. Co-founder of the online portfolio service

Viewbook can be found at any of the links below:

Website, iTunes, Podcast, Twitter, Facebook,


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Amazon Kindle ~ 105 > 100?

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I was amazed and curious about the press release Amazon put out last week regarding eBook sales. For the first time in Amazon’s history, digital books have surpassed both hardback and paperback books in total sales. Amazon state for every 100 printed books sold, they now sell 105 eBooks (not including free Kindle book downloads). Amazon have been selling printed books for 12 years, and eBooks for the last four years, so that’s pretty amazing growth.

The bit that interested me was that those quoted figures have no reflection on the number of titles available for sale. Amazon sell 35,332,807 printed titles vs only 712,187 eBooks.*

That’s an insane difference when you consider the 105/100 ratio. It’s obvious that gap will close over time, it’s just a case of when. All I can say is my iPad is crying out for content. Twelve months ago I couldn’t find what I thought were relatively common photographic theory books on the Kindle Store. These would be books written by photography’s heavy hitters like; John Berger, Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, Tom Wolfe and Michel Foucault.

Now a year has gone by, the Kindle Store lists titles from every one of those theorists except for Tom Wolfe – ‘New Journalism’. That’s okay progress, however there are still plenty of titles I still want to buy, and that doesn’t include those in my more spontaneous moments. I have a long list of books saved in my shopping basket where they are patiently waiting for a digital version to replace them. The progress might be slow because it’s clear fiction and celebrity biographies are the most popular types for content in order to attract people to the Kindle homepage.

But if your interests lie elsewhere, there isn’t much beyond the ‘shop window’. The Kindle Store is obviously above and beyond the iBook Store** in content, but as somebody who is actively learning German and Spanish; the second most widely spoken language on the planet, Typography, Journalism and Design, it’s a shame I’m still better served by purchasing physical books.

It’s not so much Amazon’s fault, it’s the book publishers. The press release I’m sure is there to impress them as it is us. I keep noticing the ‘Tell the Publisher’ links that Amazon’s customers should click if they want an eBook version and in my quest to live a more minimal lifestyle I just wish the book publishers would catch on so I can clear some clutter from my apartment and shopping basket!

*Sourced from the Amazon store at time of publishing. Just for comparison, the iBook Store has just over 200,000 titles.

** The iBook Store is functional, clean with everything clearly labelled like an Oxfam bookshop, with a book collection of seemingly random titles of no particular interest, because all the books were donated.

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May 25, 2011 at 23:51

Simon Heys of Minimal Folio Interviewed

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The eleventh interview from a larger series of interviews with Photographers and iOS Developers.  All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.  This interview is with Simon Heys, based in London, England. He is a graphic designer and Programmer. He writes his own iOS Apps.

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so your portfolio can do the talking.

iTunes, App Shopper, Homepage, Twitter.


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Juan Pablo Mazuera Foschini of PadFolios Interviewed

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The ninth interview from a larger series of interviews with Photographers and iOS Developers.  All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.  This interview is with Juan Mazuera from Bogotá, Colombia in South America. He is a photographer/graphic designer and now writes his own iOS Apps.

“PadFolios is a new application for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that brings you the opportunity to show your portfolio images with an elegant easy-to-use interface. It allows you to add a customized background with your logo and any info you want, so you keep your brand in your customer’s mind while you show the best of your work. PadFolios is the best portfolio manager available.”

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Ryan Britton of Portfolio interviewed

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In my ongoing series of interviews with creators of iPad portfolio Apps, is Portfolio creator, Ryan Britton.

Britton Photography is a Spokane, WA-based wedding and portrait photography studio. It’s run by myself and Amy — I’m the technical one of the two and have been writing software since the early ‘90s. We’ve been doing photography together for about five years now and have been steadily growing both in revenue and the number of shoots we do each year.

Portfolio can be found at any of the links below:

Website, iTunes UK, iTunes US, Facebook, Twitter


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Tiger Ng of Collections for iPad interviewed

The fourth in a series of interview with various Photographers and iOS Developers. All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad. This interview is with Hong Kongese developer Tiger Ng.

Tiger Ng is a developer based in Hong Kong. Tiger is also responsible for other iApps such as PictureGames and PictureSecret. All his Apps involve some element of photography.

Collections for iPad can be found at any of the links here:- Website, iTunes,


What gave you the inspiration to write Collections?

I found the built-in Photo App in the iPad boring, and other photo album Apps are also used in a similar way to browse photos, i.e. list of albums, list of photos in grid view, etc. There is also no iPhoto (Apple’s iLife) product in the market. Therefore, I would like to write a photos app to make people browse photos like photo books.

Who are you?  Are you a photographer?  Tell us a bit about yourself or the Portfolio team.

I am Tiger Ng, I am based in Hong Kong. I am not photographer. I have been working on iOS platform for 2 years.

Is this your first App for iOS?

My first app is Photo Only, it is an app that grabs any image from any web page, and users can download and view photos offline with it.

Slideshow with time line

How easy was it to code in order to create Collections?  How long did it take to get Collections to Version 1?

It took me four weeks, it has also given me image processing experience.

Do you write any other Apps for iOS?

Yes. Recently I have written an app called “PictureGames”, it allows people to create their own photo games (4 games now) in a few minutes. Another of my Apps is called “PictureSecret”, it provides a new way to share any hidden messages using photos.

Will you write other Apps for iOS devices? More importantly, photography related ones.


You released Collections before iOS 4.2. Did coding for iOS 4.2 make much of a difference compared to iOS 3.2?

Big difference. There are no multiple photos selection provided in iOS 3.2 and the image picker cannot be customized. In iOS 4.2, you can customize your own image pickers to provide multiple selections. That’s a major feature for photo Apps.

How long did it take to write Collections?

4 weeks.

Edit Mode

Where do you want to take Collections with future updates, where do you see yourself in a years time?

There is a lot of potential with that. Collections will be going to support videos, integrate with more photo sharing sites, and add sharing capability itself.

What do you as a Developer/Photographer want to see in the next iPad, either to aid your Apps or just for your own pleasure?

Camera. It is the most important feature for creating new photo Apps.

Are you a one man operation or is this a group effort?

One man.

Where are you based and where have you seen the greatest uptake of Collections at the moment?

In the US.

I found the built in Photo Application rather lacking for a Pro Photographer, others will feel it’s good enough. Were you concerned of your App’s uptake by other Photographers before committing yourself to creating Portfolio?

Collections provides new way to organize your photos in iPad. It can be for photo books (collage template), portfolio (edit, view, and slideshow mode), and even an image organizer (global search and folder).

Can you explain anything about the creation process behind your app? Did you involve other photographers or even editors to ask what they would want in a digital portfolio that attempts to replicate the printed portfolio and presentation?

Just do it.

Directly import images from your Computer

Just to wrap up. How do you see this market developing as we go forward?  Are you concerned about the ‘race to the bottom’ and copycat apps affecting this class of applications?

I think the quality is the most important. Less bugs and great performance can attract new users. The market is highly competitive because iPhone and iPad is still becoming popular and many people are coming to develop Apps. To keep growing, extending to other platforms, e.g. android or windows phone may be another solution.


Collections for iPad at the time of writing is priced at £1.79 and $2.99 on the iOS Apple Store.


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