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“Iran: Paranoid or Under Siege?” – Al Jazeera asks

I came across this article (Iran Paranoid or under Siege?) from Al Jazeera. Recently I’ve wanted a less western perspective on issues that are happening around the world.

With tighter sanctions, talk of Iran shutting down the Strait of Hormuz and the assassination of yet another nuclear scientist in Iran, tensions are building on multiple fronts as a coalition of countries tries to stop Iran’s nuclear programme.

Ali Larijani, Iran’s parliamentary speaker, told the IRNA news agency on Thursday that UN nuclear inspectors would be welcome in the country and that issues with the nuclear programme can be resolved via negotiations. The path to diplomacy is, however, obscured by decades of ill will between Iran and the West.

It has been the west that has caused most of the problems in the Middle East, so I’m not surprised that Iran doesn’t trust the US or Europe. Sanctions are just amount to poking Iran in the eye.

So I don’t want to see war (I will protest any action against Iran [I live in the UK]). I would prefer it if Iran proved everybody wrong as towards their intentions and embarrass the US/Europe. They are the greater threat, inflicting greater injustice on the world than many countries combined with rendition, Guantanamo, supporting Israel no matter what and the killing of millions of civilians since the end of the Second War World. It’s sad the argument has shifted towards what Iran is supposedly doing vs what the US has been doing.

Having said that, the US will crush the current regime given a good enough excuse, it’s a no contest. They removed Saddam (yes for the wrong reasons), the Taliban and Gaddaffi (by proxy). All three talked smack before they were removed, I wouldn’t want it to happen a 4th time, don’t be so predictable.Just swallow some pride (Iran), stop acting paranoid; think rationally, don’t arrest and talk about killing western tourists; fuelling the fire and in turn gain outside support from other countries/interests.
It’s a more constructive way of getting the US off its back at least.
Also see this article ‘Washington’s crimes against Iran’.

Written by jonathanjk

January 14, 2012 at 14:17


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