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Shades of Grey Outside the IFC Apple Store

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Mainland Chinese huddle over their purchases that they will soon take back to China.

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Traders patrolling outside the Apple Store in order to find a buyer.

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Everyone hopes to sell their iPhones before the grey market prices start to drop once Apple is allowed to sell in China.

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Written by jonathanjk

September 27, 2014 at 03:50

I’m parting with my Olympus gear :(

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When I started this website I was using an Olympus setup for my photography.  I use to own Canon before that and now with the photography I do, I don’t feel Olympus is right for me, so I’m moving back to Canon.  I’m unhappy to say I’m moving back to Canon. I’ve enjoyed my Olympus gear while I had it, but I can’t put up with the low f stop and lack of DOF. The gear I own has been great to use but with my line of photography it just doesn’t give me that buzz as my 5D did. So I’m going back. On my blog is the review for the Leica lens and I’ll be keeping it up online since it gives me so many hits but other than that I’m waiting for the 5D to plunge in price.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything terribly wrong with Olympus, when I bought my E420 with 25mm Leica lens + 12-60mm, I came out on top because the gear was cheaper than the Canon alternatives.  But now the Olympus gear is going on ebay.

Having got to use the Olympus system I found that the size of the system was a bonus and I enjoyed that, though sometimes the E420 was too light when attached to a heavy lens and had a flash mounted on the top (hence the grip).  The speed and menu layout of Olympus’s cameras are great and intuitive as well, the only downside was the lack of DOF, poor iso performance (I never used the E420 past iso 200) and the inability of lenses offered by Olympus to go higher than F2.8 (yes the Leica was f1.4 but in 35mm terms it was equal to f2.8).

One thing I really liked about the Olympus is the wireless flash, it works so well, much better to me than the 5D with the 580 mk2. I’ve been having issues with it in open spaces which wouldn’t faze the FL-36. Shame pity I can’t carry that over with me! I’ve put my gear on ebay for those interested. The links are here for the E420 and the 12-60mm Zuiko.

I was going to keep the 12-60mm because it is a really good piece of glass, I bought it for the 12mm focal length and once I get my hands on the canon 24mm f1.4 L, I won’t ever use it which is a shame.

Not having bought into Olympus I wouldn’t have learned this and I have made some great photos while using it and I have no regrets.  As I said, the E420 with grip, FL-36 and 12-60mm will be on ebay later at some point.

Written by jonathanjk

November 28, 2008 at 18:55


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