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Alrik Swagerman of Viewbook Interviewed

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The twelfth interview from a series of interviews with Photographers and iOS Developers alike.  All of them develop portfolio Apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone in some way.  This interview is with Alrik Swagerman based in Rotterdam. Co-founder of the online portfolio service

Viewbook can be found at any of the links below:

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Host Gallery Talk – Christopher Anderson

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Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson gave a talk at the Host Gallery last night (so was Martin Parr but as a member of the audience).  Anderson (who was suffering from Jet lag) discussed his early career, including some choice moments from his first major assignment regarding Hatian immigrants, both which were quite funny and scary.  Strangely though, I felt he wanted to sidestep his reason for being at Host; after showing some stills of Capitolio, he was quite willing to move onto his latest project until a member of the audience slowed him down with some informed questioning and continued pushing him with questions afterwards.  Its all in this audio recording I made which can be found here.

Please note there is a long pause during the recording where Christopher Anderson is showing Capitolio on screen, this might be a good opportunity to get your own copy of the book out and look at the images as a reference when the Q&A begins shortly after.

I will also be at this years Vision Conference where Martin Parr and Eugene Richards will be talking, expect 2 more audio recordings later this week.

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November 25, 2009 at 10:36

Vision 2008 Conference

I went to the Vision Conference on Friday 7th.  I wanted to see Simon Norfolk talk about his latest project.  I like the fact he is being so abstract about his take on War Photography. At Vision there was also Simon Roberts who talked about Motherland and he also talked about his latest project; We English.

I recorded Jacob Aue Sobol’s talk and Simon Norfolk’s as well.  Both are small file sizes and can be found here.  Sorry for the poor audio quality with Jacob’s, I haven’t got such software to clean it up.

The 5D mark II also made an appearance at Vision.  Canon were an attendee and had on display 1 of only 3 5D mark II’s in the country.  I was lucky enough to touch it :), but seriously while it holds nicely (prefer it with a battery grip), it has been remodeled slightly so the body isn’t a reuse from the first generation.  Canon again were happy to confirm it is going to be released at the end of the month.

The Vision conference itself was promoted by the BJP and for £10 (£15) if you want your portfolio reviewed.  It is excellent value for money, I’ll be going next year without a doubt.

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November 9, 2008 at 22:36


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